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Working Papers
1. Fund Flows, Liquidity, and Asset Prices [SSRN] [Major revision coming soon]
     - Presented at the WFA 2020, Young Scholars Finance Consortium 2019 at Texas A&M

2. Bond Mutual Funds: Systemic Liquidity and Derivative Use [Draft available upon request]
     with Oliver Randall (Melbourne)
- Presented at the Australian National University

3. Liquidity Shocks and Pension Fund Performance: Evidence from Early Access [SSRN]
     with James Brugler (Melbourne) and Zhuo Zhong (Melbourne)
     - Media coverage: Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Financial Standard
Work in Progress
4. Income Disparities in Household Fund Flows
     with Sehoon Kim (Florida), Yoon Lee (Melbourne), and Hoonsuk Park (Melbourne)

5. Asset Correlations
     with Nuno Clara (Duke)
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